“We have a customer that has unfortunately had a stroke and one side of her body has been severely affected along with her speech.  She is able to drive but has difficulty walking.  Her mind is still pretty good, but she has trouble speaking what her mind wants to convey and she gets very frustrated.

She always has a smile on her face when she comes in.

When we see her coming, we always go out to the parking lot to help when we can and help her by holding the door so she can make it in. We try our best to take care of her needs and anything else we can do for her.  When she leaves, she always lets us know how much she appreciates our help – she may not be able to say it but she grins a lot, and nods and we always say “You are very welcome. Hope to see you back soon and take care.”  She is one of our treasured customers.”

Rita Johnson, SCB

CC Flickr image  by daBinsi