“I met a small business owner at a function here in town. He had just left his job as a pest control technician and started his own company. We kept in touch and I told him if we could ever be of any help to please give us a call. He called me out of the blue one day and said that his bank would not make him a loan in the company’s name to buy a new truck for his business. Sevier County Bank made him the loan and he moved all of his accounts (business and personal) to SCB. The relationship has grown into various other products and services, all because we were willing to do for him what our competitors were not. What makes this story meaningful is that the owner had a family member working at one of our competitors. They were unwilling to believe in their own employee’s family. We saw a savvy upstart business and were willing to help him grow. His business has now grown to the point to where his wife was able to quit her job at the competing bank and work from home as the bookkeeper for his business.”
Chris Plemons, SCB

CC Wikimedia image by MobiusDaXter