We had a customer in the lobby this morning who shared this story with us about why she banks here… Back in the 1940’s before her father left for the war, he deposited $5.00 in a savings account at SCB. Mr. Ownby forgot about this savings account, until many years later when he received a letter in the mail asking “Are you who we are looking for?” To his surprise after proving that it was his account, Mr. Ownby learned that the $5.00 he had deposited so many years ago had grown to $700.00! Fast forward many years and Mr. Ownby’s daughter got married, moved away, and later moved back home to Sevierville. Her new husband already banked with SCB, so she thought it was meant to be for her to bank here as well. She shared with us that she is so happy with “her bank” because we take care of everything she needs. Of course, that is what we strive to do for all our customers daily, but it was still really nice to hear, and so kind of her to give us such a wonderful compliment!
Shari, Becky, & Lori, SCB