Janie McPeake (left) Head Teller, Gatlinburg Branch and Stacy Hogg (right) VP, HR Director,
getting into the Halloween spirit

One year for Halloween, the teller line dressed up as nuns for the Bank’s costume contest. We got comments all day long about our costumes. One of the most memorable ones came from a lady customer who said, “I didn’t know they let you people work.” The teller she was talking to said “What do you mean?”  The lady repeated herself,  “I didn’t know nuns were allowed to work.”  The teller said, “Oh, we aren’t real nuns, we are just dressed up like this for Halloween.”  The lady was really confused and told the teller she didn’t know what she meant and left. This same teller and I were at the store a few hours later, still in our nun costumes, and a couple of guys kept running into us and one of them said, “I just have to ask because we can’t figure this out, are you really nuns or are you dressed up for Halloween?”  We told him that we work at the Main office at SCB and were just dressed up for Halloween. One of the guys said, “I knew it! I was right. I knew you looked familiar!” (They had done some banking at SCB and recognized us).

Janie McPeake, SCB