My mother was in desperate need to have cataract surgery, as the condition was affecting her vision. Having no insurance, she asked if the surgeon would allow her to make monthly payments. They said no, that payment would be required up front. This really frustrated me because there are many doctors that go to other countries and provide free medical services, but unfortunately no help for a hard working American to get the surgery she needed.

I was very disturbed by this so I posted my thoughts on Facebook…about how my mother would not be able to have her surgery because she didn’t have the money to pay up front.

First thing the next morning I received a text from SCB Loan Officer Lori Maples (who’d seen my post) asking me to have my mom call her. My mother called Lori and in just a short time, Lori was able to get her the loan she needed in order to have her surgery.

I cannot begin to describe how much of an impact Lori has had on my family during this desperate time, and this is not the first time she has been there for my family and our banking needs. I have known Lori for many years…she is a very helpful and kind-hearted person. I feel that she is a huge asset to SCB.

Because of Lori’s efforts to reach out and help us and the excellent service we’ve received from others at SCB during this situation, I will be moving my accounts here, as will my parents. SCB should take great pride in its employees that look out for our community and its needs…just like Lori did for us.

Christy Parton, SCB friend & customer