“We had heard stories about an evil bird at the Dolly Parton Branch, but last spring we actually got to experience this first hand. This bird had been “terrorizing” the vehicles at the Dolly Parton Branch for years, and now, it was back. We’re not talking about just a little splat here and there, it was unbelievable. We tried everything imaginable to shoo the bird away. Even using remote key entry car horns didn’t faze this feathered fiend. It was so bad that Eric had to take his truck to be detailed. On my vehicle, he would take his little bitty bird feet and hop across the rubber trim at the windows and rear view mirrors and make little birdie foot prints. Oh, and he didn’t forget to do this on the luggage racks too. We were at our wit’s end. I think the last straw was when one of our customers with a very nice sports car parked in a spot the bird did not care for. The bird made it’s feelings known by what he was leaving behind. Eric went outside and started waiving his arms and making all kinds of noises and the bird flew away. We have not seen the bird since…but spring will be here before you know it!”
Rita Johnson, SCB

CC Flickr image by Juhan Sonin