When we began thinking about expanding our Krispy Kreme store, the first place I called was Sevier County Bank. I didn’t even bank at SCB then, but I had met one of their lenders at golf game a while back and he said to give him a call if I ever needed anything…so I did. Not because he gave me some big business pitch, but because he was obviously sincere in offering SCB’s help. I called a few other banks in the area too, but none of them offered the great opportunities that Sevier County Bank did. Our expansion is well underway with plans to be completed by the end of this year, all thanks to the folks at SCB and their personal yet professional approach to banking.  I would most certainly recommend SCB because I can attest to the fact that they really mean it when they say, “Let us show you the difference between a bank account and a banking relationship.”  
Joey Messick, Owner Krispy Kreme, SCB customer and friend