I was privileged to assist a very kind gentleman with opening a new account at the Gatlinburg branch on Tuesday, December 13th.  This new customer had researched account choices online at BankSCB.com prior to coming in so it took only a matter of minutes for us to determine which account would best suit his financial needs.  As I was collecting his information to open the new account, it came to my attention that his home was in the vicinity of the wildfires.  This prompted a more in-depth conversation.  The customer shared that indeed his home was in Gatlinburg off the bypass. He shared what he experienced during the wildfires, and I was happy to learn that his home was spared from damage.   As we continued our conversation, I was pleased to hear him say that he was appreciative of what SCB was doing in the community to help people that were affected by the wildfires. He was so impressed by our compassion that it led him to open an account with us.  I wish I could remember every kind word that he had to say about our bank, but I can’t. I can say though that he used the word appreciative numerous times during our conversation.  In hindsight, I wish I had started a list of customers that have come in to thank us and tell us just how much they appreciate what SCB is doing for our community in this time of tragedy.  We are hearing it all the time, but some customers are just staying longer than others to talk a bit about how appreciative they are.  I am so thankful to work for a company that encourages in-depth conversations with customers.  These past weeks have been very emotional, but being able to lend an ear or sometimes a shoulder to cry on to one of our amazing customers that is hurting has been an honor.  When we say “Let SCB show you the difference in having a bank account and a banking relationship,” we really do mean it!  
Janie McPeake, SCB Gatlinburg