“My parents had a mortgage with the former Bank of Sevierville (located next to the former public library on Court Avenue), back in the 1970s. Typically they made the payment via mail; however, one month the deadline was approaching and it seemed prudent to make the payment in person since the banks (both of them!) in Sevierville were open on Saturday morning. My mother had other business in Sevierville that morning so she stopped by the bank and handed the mortgage payment to the helpful teller. The teller smiled and thanked her for the payment, then “Mama” went on with her shopping.  Surprisingly my parents received a past due notice on the mortgage the next week, so the following Saturday morning both of them headed to Sevierivlle again. As Dad turned onto Court Avenue and headed toward Bank of Sevierville, Mama said, “you are passing up the bank!”  Upon further investigation, the mystery of the late loan payment was solved as follows: (1) Mama had gone to Sevier County Bank rather than the Bank of Sevierville; (2) when SCB could find no loan to apply the check to, they opened a savings account (obviously this was before CIP and BSA!!); (3) my parents closed the SCB account and went on down the street to make the loan payment on that day, but they were so impressed with how nice the SCB folks were about the whole debacle that they soon became SCB customers.”
Bobby Stoffle, SCB

CC Flickr image by Tax Credits