My name is Bob Becker. You may have seen me forecasting the weather on WATE-TV between 1998-2011 or on WBIR over the past year or so. In addition to meteorology, I also sell for a company called Choice Directory. You may have seen Dolly Parton on the front covers of our books. When I moved here from Texas in 1997, I was very excited to be in the beautiful Smoky Mountains, yet nervous about starting life over in a brand new place. The name Sevier County Bank is what first made me contact SCB. I had just moved to Sevier County, so why not call The Sevier County Bank. Between interest rates at the time and the free checking account they offered, there was no question…I needed to look no further.  But that was only the beginning really, as your true relationship begins after you open the accounts. Over the years, no matter what I have needed to do business wise, SCB has always taken care of my needs quickly and accurately. We all experience the occasional computer glitch, but it happens very rarely with any of my Sevier County Bank business and in the few cases something has happened, my problem has been corrected very quickly, friendly and accurately. In all these years, I have never had a moment’s stress while banking at SCB.  The wonderful, friendliness of the bank also makes it such a pleasure to bank here. I have actually become friends with a few of the workers as we discovered we grew up in the same part of the country or knew some of the same people. Whenever I go in, no matter who the teller might be, they are always extremely nice and interested in having a conversation with me. It’s almost as if their experience has given them a sixth sense of whether you are in a hurry or when you want to visit awhile. I’ve sat down in the front lobby a few times and had coffee and visited with employees that walked by and said hello when I might have been waiting for someone. Where else in this day and age can you get this level of service and accuracy on top of that friendly hometown feel that is so missing from today’s society?  I look forward to going into the bank and it doesn’t matter which branch I’m in as they are all just as friendly… (As long as I know if it’s supposed to rain or not, LOL!)  So I called on Sevier County Bank 18 years ago because of the name. I have stayed with them because of the beyond expectation personal relationships I have developed with the employees and their continued ability to understand and exceed my banking expectations with accuracy, speed, and always a smile!!!
Bob Becker, SCB customer