“What makes Sevier County Bank the best bank in Sevier County? I have mulled this question in my mind over and over again: What truly makes us the best? I think, when it comes down to it, it’s one thing – our customers. Like any well-oiled machine, we are made up of many parts. We, as tellers, deal with our customers in person. After we deposit their money, the bank’s deposit operations and computer operations staff take it from there.

The way we handle our customers’ hard earned money is why they keep coming back to us.

Our savings and loan products have helped first time businesses get established in the community, helped parents and grandparents provide transportation and education for their children and grandchildren, and provided a nice nest egg for retirees and first time parents. This bank has generations of employees and customers. After being here for 6 years, I see why. Banks come and go, but, I have faith and confidence that our skilled employees and wonderful customer base will keep us going for another 104 years.”

Meredith Adkins, SCB

CC Flickr mug image by Branko Collin