At Wilderness at the Smokies, we always try to stay local with purchases and vendors, so banking makes perfect sense with one of our local partners. It’s a win-win – we bring in local business which drives the economy, which feeds the bank, which helps us and the community where we do business.  We wanted a financial partner that was very customer oriented and took care of us in every way imaginable, with friendly and attentive personnel.

Sevier County Bank not only met, but also exceeded our expectations in this regard.  As a matter of fact, they jumped at the chance to have our business and have rolled out the red carpet in so many ways, with their already great fee structure and a return to that Cheers feeling where “everybody knows our name.”  They have that personal touch and small town feel while providing outstanding services that are crucial to our business success, without pretention or stuffiness, but entirely professional and all business 24/7.

Sevier County Bank offers Wilderness at the Smokies a perfect combination: easy to work with, easy to deal with, and responsive with no nonsense.  We have a real connection with this bank and have been very glad to have made the change to Sevier County Bank.

Kathy Manis, Wilderness at the Smokies